Month: May 2018

Cells trained to recognize returning infections

How our lab found out Memory T cells are made, not born How are memory T cells formed? The answer could help researchers design more effective vaccines and expand cancer immunotherapies. Our lab conducted experiments to help resolve this question, and what we found has established a path to further investigate how to effectively support them in a body’s efforts to rid itself of pathogens. We worked specifically with CD8 T cells, a powerful part of our body’s immune system. These cells eradicate intracellular infections, and through vaccination, manufacture immunity to chronic illness and cancer. What are T cells...

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The St. Jude Psychology Clinic: When things are really hard

Each year, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Psychology Department staff spends thousands of hours helping patients deal with anxiety, depression, pain, cognitive changes, medication noncompliance, school re-entry and other issues. Good mental health is important when patients and families are facing life-threatening diseases. If difficulties arise, a patient’s medical team can make a referral for a consultation with the Psychology Department. Patients and families may also request referrals to the service, which comprises psychologists, neuropsychologists, senior psychological examiners, postdoctoral fellows, interns and graduate students. Psychologists in the clinic are happy to meet with any patients or families to...

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