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RSV illustration

Ramilo brings RSV expertise to St. Jude

Posted by Alex Generous, PhD | Mar 30, 2023

Discover Ramilo's plans for St. Jude RSV research.

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Cancer on planet illustration

Metastatic cancer cells thrive in harsh microenvironments

Posted by Erin Podolak | Mar 16, 2023

Like a journey through space, metastatic cells have to adapt to spread throughout the body.

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Data driven progress illustration

Data-driven science helps researchers design new protein interactions

Posted by Erin Podolak | Mar 9, 2023

With a comprehensive approach to thinking about data, St. Jude scientists are fueling progress.

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Xiaomeng Yuan, PhD, and Haitao Pan, PhD

Biostatisticians are key to getting therapies to patients faster

Posted by Xiaomeng Yuan, PhD, and Haitao Pan, PhD | Feb 23, 2023

Platform Design, a software package, enables clinicians to add study arms to a clinical trial.

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Michael McNeil, MD, MPH

Global palliative care requires on-the-ground understanding

Posted by Michael J. McNeil, MD | Feb 21, 2023

The ADAPT study revealed barriers that stand in the way of palliative care in Latin America.

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Lab table

Liver toxicity and ALL: Genomics drive variability between patients

Posted by Erin Podolak | Feb 16, 2023

Research reveals how inherited genetic variants can contribute to liver toxicity after chemotherapy.

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Qingfei Pan and Jiyang Yu

Math test points metastatic breast cancer treatment in the right direction

Posted by Alex Generous, PhD | Dec 30, 2022

St. Jude computational biologists created a computational score predicting cancer drug sensitivity to HDAC6 inhibitors in a promising phase Ib clinical trial.

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Scientist in lab wearing gloves and with bunsen burner on

On the road to resistance: How bacteria can win the game of life ‘with a little help from their friends’

Posted by Erin Podolak | Dec 15, 2022

St. Jude scientists have learned that bacteria are more successful at developing antibiotic resistance when they swap genes through recombination.

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Hearing soundboard

New model mimics progression of pediatric bone marrow failure

Posted by Alex Generous, PhD | Oct 4, 2022

St. Jude scientists have created the first model that faithfully recapitulates details of pediatric bone marrow failure.

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image of cerebral organoids

CDK6: A well-known kinase commits a new ‘crime’ connecting outer radial glia to microcephaly

Posted by Erin Podolak | Sep 27, 2022

Microcephaly is a rare neurodevelopmental condition in which a baby’s head is much smaller than expected because the brain did not develop properly or stopped developing during pregnancy. St. Jude researchers identified cells in the outer radial glia in the developing brain that play an important role in microcephaly.

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