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Global progress

St. Jude works with global community to accelerate childhood cancer care in Nepal

Posted by Lance Wiedower | Aug 17, 2023

St. Jude and the WHO are improving pediatric cancer care in Nepal. Explore the partner’s recent workshop.

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St. Jude STEMM Education and Outreach summer research immersion program

High school research program inspires future scientists

Posted by Brittney Chiuppi | Aug 3, 2023

Memphis area students learn to do research from St. Jude scientists.

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STEMM careers

Bridging the Gap: Promoting diversity and inclusion in the next generation of STEMM leaders

Posted by Jennifer L. Stripay, PhD, and Kate Ayers, MS | May 25, 2023

The STEMM Education and Outreach team at St. Jude helps address barriers to careers in science.

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CureAll virtual backdrop

Strategic discussions chart a path forward for St. Jude Global & WHO CureAll efforts

Posted by Lance Wiedower | May 11, 2023

St. Jude Global, WHO and colleagues around the world are working to raise the childhood cancer survival rate.

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WHO meeting

Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer CureAll Country Showcase

Posted by Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo, MD | Feb 9, 2023

This International Childhood Cancer Day St. Jude Global shines a spotlight on the Global Initiative collaboration with WHO.

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Graduation Night

Your Future, Your Decision: Tigers VAX Now HPV Vaccination Student Ambassador Program

Posted by Portia Knowlton | Jan 26, 2023

The St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program and the University of Memphis created Tigers VAX Now, a student ambassador program to empower college students to advocate for HPV vaccination as cancer prevention among their peers.

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Joy Wright

Powerful Voices: Preventing HPV Cancers through Survivor Perspectives

Posted by Julia Neely | Jan 12, 2023

Participants in the St. Jude HPV Cancer Prevention Program’s HPV Cancer Survivors School are using their powerful voices to advocate for HPV vaccination during January which is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

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2023 Global Alliance meetng

’Amazing effort’ brings Global Alliance to new heights at 2022 Convening

Posted by Matt Gaschk | Nov 10, 2022

The 2022 St. Jude Global Alliance Convening brought together researchers from around the globe working to advance cures for children with catastrophic childhood diseases.

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Stacey Ogden

Lessons Learned: How to Mentor Scientists

Posted by Stacey Ogden, PhD | Nov 9, 2022

Stacey Ogden, PhD, shares mentoring advice for scientists setting up their first laboratory as a principal investigator.

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stem in classroom

Learning environments shape views of STEM

Posted by Kate Ayers and Robyn Pennella | Oct 26, 2022

Research suggests the influence of STEM teachers on the STEM identities and attitudes of elementary school students extend to after-school STEM clubs.

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