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Daniel Blair, PhD

Investigator Insights: Cultivating a Research Culture with Daniel Blair, PhD

Posted by Daniel Blair, PhD | Feb 14, 2023

Learn how Daniel Blair, PhD, is creating a laboratory research culture based on sincerity, kindness and the curiosity to ask pressing scientific questions.

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Lily Guenther, MD

Investigator Insights: Taking a Leap with Lily Guenther, MD

Posted by Lily Guenther, MD | Jan 5, 2023

Sometimes a scientist’s next step isn’t a step, but more of a career-defining leap. Early-career investigator Lily Guenther, MD, shares her experience of taking that leap and starting a laboratory at St. Jude.

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Donald P. Pinkel, MD

Donald P. Pinkel, MD

Posted by Elizabeth Jane Walker | Mar 14, 2022

Donald Pinkel, MD, the founding medical director of St. Jude, has died in San Luis Obispo, California.

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Lecture series logo

Rising Stars of Cancer Research lectures to bring fresh insights

Posted by Mary Powers | Oct 4, 2021

The Rising Stars of Cancer Research program is a new addition to the Science of Childhood Cancer lecture series. The program highlights the work of emerging leaders in the cancer research community.

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Walter Hughes sits at a desk early in his career

St. Jude mourns the death of infectious diseases pioneer Walter Hughes, MD

Posted by Mike O’Kelly | Aug 13, 2021

Walter Hughes, MD, who established the St. Jude Department of Infectious Diseases and initiated pediatric AIDS research at the hospital, has died.

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Stronger Together

Connections with colleagues: A St. Jude pediatric psychologist has renewed appreciation for an overlooked benefit of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Posted by Elyse Heidelberg, PsyD | Jul 5, 2021

A pediatric psychologist expresses gratitude for interdisciplinary collaboration, which elevates patient care and provider well-being.

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Martine Roussel, PhD, stands for a portrait with her lab blurred out in the background.

Roussel’s early discovery shaped a career of cancer research

Posted by | Jun 7, 2021

Martine Roussel, PhD, faculty member and endowed chair in molecular oncogenesis, shares how early work on oncogenes led to her lab’s discovery of new oncogenes.

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Jasmine Turner analyzes data from samples to determine the presence of influenza. She credits her mother for encouragement and inspiration to pursue a scientific career.

Jasmine Turner: Overcoming obstacles, rising to meet challenges

Posted by Mike O’Kelly | Mar 26, 2021

For Jasmine Turner, resilience and tenacity were required to enter a field with very few Black women. There weren’t many women or teachers of color in her scientific courses—no one with similar experiences to help guide her or focus her talents. She turned to her mother for encouragement and inspiration.

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Andrea Stubbs points to finding her niche while working to address youth HIV acquisition and transmission, and plans to use those same skills to increase HPV vaccinations.

Making purposeful connections to help others grow and develop

Posted by Chris Pennington | Mar 22, 2021

Andrea Stubbs shares her experiences that shaped her career in community outreach to raise awareness for both HIV and HPV.

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Pat Keel credits a previous job where she stepped out of her comfort zone to grow professionally and build unity within teams working toward a common goal. Photo from early 2020.

Leadership begins where the comfort zone ends

Posted by St. Jude Progress | Mar 15, 2021

Women of St. Jude highlights the influences and events that shaped the career of Pat Keel, who shares lessons she’s learned about teamwork and leadership.

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