New patient app gives parents and patients what they need

Screenshot of Our St. Jude app

Our St. Jude gives parents of patients a way to manage difficult, dynamic schedules by giving the right information at the right time.

St. Jude has an app for that.

St. Jude patients and families have a lot to juggle when they’re on campus for treatments. In addition to insane schedules, there is the simple task of navigating the campus.

Enter Our St. Jude.

The Our St. Jude app was created by a development team to provide patients and families the information they need at the right time.

This includes a calendar of appointments and events, campus maps, hospital contacts, cafeteria menus, travel itineraries, housing reservations, appointments, social events and other reminders.

“We hear a lot of times from our families about schedule changes,” said Diane McGarry, Projects and Administrative Manager with the St. Jude Patient Experience Office. “They’ll be able to have quick access to their schedule and it will be up to date.”

Or flying in - McGarry said the app provides families access to their travel to get updates on gate changes and things like that.

“The main purpose of the app is truly to provide meaningful information to patient’s families at a meaningful time,” said Trey Waring, manager of the app project with Information Services. “We wanted to have all the information they need in one simple place.”

A little more than two years ago, Our St. Jude began as an employee idea shared with leadership. As the app was developed, designers brought in families to get feedback on what they wanted in the app.

“Our families gave us fantastic feedback,” McGarry said. “Everyone has been pleased with it and offered suggestions on how to make it better.”

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Chris Pennington
Chris Pennington is managing editor of content in the Communications Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.