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Rising Stars of Cancer Research lectures to bring fresh insights

Posted by Mary Powers | Oct 4, 2021

The Rising Stars of Cancer Research program is a new addition to the Science of Childhood Cancer lecture series. The program highlights the work of emerging leaders in the cancer research community.

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St. Jude Global Alliance holds third annual convening

Posted by Lance Wiedower | Sep 27, 2021

Empower Everyone was the theme of the St. Jude Global Alliance Convening, a virtual meeting that attracted participants from around the world.

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Bringing Chemistry to Medicine: Transcription therapy symposium is set for July 22 and 23

Posted by Mike O’Kelly | Jul 16, 2021

St. Jude will host the virtual Bringing Chemistry to Medicine Symposium July 22–23. The inaugural event in 2020 prompted a researcher in India to become a visiting scientist at St. Jude. Register for the event.

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Illustration depicting all the different things that occur during rehabilitation through an arch with symbols representing different rehabilitation ideas. A path goes between many things going on, such as jumping rope, reading and children playing.

Identifying risks and restrictions: Rehabilitation and cancer survivorship

Posted by St. Jude Communications Department | Jun 2, 2021

Kristin Lyons, director of Rehabilitation Services, and Jessica Sparrow, Lead Occupational Therapist, worked as part of a team of oncology rehabilitation providers from pediatric institutions across the country to co-author a recent Seminars in Oncology Nursing article, which provides a comprehensive overview of rehabilitation screening, assessment, and intervention for children with cancer.

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COVID-19 virus model, with spike proteins

Five things to know about COVID vaccines

Posted by Paul Thomas, PhD | Apr 5, 2021

No matter what kind of COVID vaccine someone receives, your immune system is primed to fight the virus. Here are 5 things you need to know.

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The path to cancer prevention Includes HPV vaccination

The path to cancer prevention includes HPV vaccination

Posted by Heather Brandt, PhD | Mar 4, 2021

There’s a global push to increase HPV vaccination rates, and if successful, there are these future benefits everyone can enjoy.

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Engaging partners to achieve HPV vaccination increases

Engaging partners to achieve HPV vaccination increases

Posted by Andrea Stubbs | Jan 29, 2021

St. Jude is partnering with the community to increase awareness and understanding of HPV vaccinations to prevent HPV-related cancers.

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Do something: Behavioral activation is a simple strategy to boost low mood

When you feel down, do something: Behavioral activation is a simple strategy to boost low mood

Posted by Keith Crabtree, PhD | Jan 20, 2021

Do this – even when you don’t want to – to get out of the emotional doldrums of sadness and anxiety brought on by the pandemic.

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HPV: Prevention is Key

HPV: Prevention is Key

Posted by Rhonda Davis | Jan 15, 2021

Doing this one simple thing can prevent 90% of these cancers from developing by preventing the infections that can cause them.

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Nurse residency transitions students into professionals

Newly accredited Nurse Residency Program boosts confidence and competence among recent nursing school graduates

Posted by Gary Bridgman | Jan 13, 2021

This program supports newly graduated, registered nurses working in oncology inpatient units at St. Jude, boosting confidence and competence.

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