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Members of the St. Jude Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team gather for a photo outside the hospital.

Employee volunteers aid St. Jude contact tracing team in fight against COVID-19

Posted by Destiny Hinton | Sep 2, 2021

The St. Jude Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Team has been working to keep the St. Jude campus safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Stronger Together

Connections with colleagues: A St. Jude pediatric psychologist has renewed appreciation for an overlooked benefit of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Posted by Elyse Heidelberg, PsyD | Jul 5, 2021

A pediatric psychologist expresses gratitude for interdisciplinary collaboration, which elevates patient care and provider well-being.

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Compassionate connections: Providing end-of-life care to patients and families during COVID-19

Posted by Anna Jones, PhD | Jul 1, 2021

A St. Jude psychologist who provided supportive end-of-life care during the pandemic shares recommendations for making compassionate connections with patients and families.

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hands holding letters that spell support.

Voices from the front line: Maintaining connections to help the helpers

Posted by Niki Jurbergs, PhD | Jun 29, 2021

Niki Jurbergs, PhD, the director of the St. Jude Psychology Clinic, and other psychosocial staff used their skills to conduct an array of COVID-19 employee-support programs, thereby boosting the well-being of helpers and helping to ensure that patients and families continue to receive excellent care.

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Silhouette of woman

Melanoma clinic goes virtual for pandemic

Posted by Alberto Pappo, MD | May 3, 2021

Creating the St. Jude Melanoma Clinic not only provides enhanced multidisciplinary evaluation and care, but also opportunities for families to share their experience, attend educational sessions and enroll on a registry and tissue bank for research.

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COVID-19 vaccine working group

Advocating globally for a COVID-19 vaccine

Posted by Miguela Caniza, MD, MPH | Apr 30, 2021

It’s essential to provide an accurate, science-based website for vaccine information. The St. Jude Global COVID-19 Working Group plans to provide accurate COVID-19 information, including answering questions and providing vaccine news as it emerges.

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COVID-19 virus model, with spike proteins

Five things to know about COVID vaccines

Posted by Paul Thomas, PhD | Apr 5, 2021

No matter what kind of COVID vaccine someone receives, your immune system is primed to fight the virus. Here are 5 things you need to know.

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Cancer care during a pandemic: What we learned prepares us for the next emergency

Cancer care during a pandemic: What we learned prepares us for the next emergency

Posted by Dylan Graetz, MD, MPH | Apr 2, 2021

The pandemic exposed shortcomings in health care. But this study revealed more than expected in this type of children’s treatment.

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Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, is director of the St. Jude Hospitalist Medicine Program, which provides patients with around-the-clock care when their primary St. Jude oncologists are not available.

In the hospital of the future, hospitalists will have ‘day jobs’

Posted by Gary Bridgman | Mar 18, 2021

Liza-Marie Johnson, MD, and her Hospitalist Program team provide patients with around-the-clock care when their primary oncologists are not available. At St. Jude, this relatively new field has transformed from a staffing solution into a rewarding faculty-track program.

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What a virologist says about controlling a pandemic

What a virologist says about controlling a pandemic

Posted by Richard Webby, PhD | Feb 19, 2021

New Zealand's methods for controlling a pandemic not only also virtually stopped the flu, it gave insights to controlling future pandemics.

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