Author: Mike O’Kelly

Virtual reality: A new way for St. Jude parents to partner in patient family-centered care

Patient Family-Centered Care at St. Jude focuses on the belief that health care staff members and families work together as partners to best meet the needs of each child. To respond to the needs of each family, St. Jude relies on three parent-based groups to provide feedback, share experiences, educate other families and give input. The Patient Family Advisory Council, Parent Mentor Program and Quality of Life Steering Council are successful initiatives that play a major role in patient care decisions. A new Patient Family-Centered Care program will enhance the work of these groups by including more patients and...

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Dinearounds: St. Jude employees become fast friends through meet-ups at Memphis restaurants

Before they met at a Dinearounds gathering at the local restaurant Bounty on Broad a few years ago, Kostadinka “Kosta” Atanasovska and Aksana Vasilyeva, PhD, had talked briefly on the phone a few times. Their professional lives crossed paths for work purposes—Kosta works in the Office of Human Subjects Protections and Aksana is a project coordinator for neuro-oncology research in the Cancer Center. Had they not met that evening, the pair may never have realized they both hail from eastern Europe and share mutual interests in local food and meeting new people. While they enjoy social interaction, both are...

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