Erin Podolak

Erin Podolak

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Erin Podolak is a science writer in the Department of Strategic Communication, Education and Outreach.

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Xu Yang and Yizhen Li in a laboratory

T cells are key to maintaining cancer remissions from chemotherapy

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jul 12, 2022

Stimulating the adaptive immune response can improve outcomes for ALL treated with chemotherapy.

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Paul Thomas and Joshua Wolf

St. Jude researchers answer COVID questions

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jul 5, 2022

St. Jude research has advanced understanding of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination. Here is what the findings mean for you.

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Mother and child meet with psychologist

By sharing their story, cancer patients can help improve their care

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jun 16, 2022

Narrative medicines uses insight gained from listening carefully to how patients tell their own stories to improve health care, patient education and research.

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Paul Wise giving a lecture

SAFER Ukraine: a framework for responding to global conflicts

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 26, 2022

What lessons can be learned from the remarkable success of SAFER Ukraine?

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Fabio Demontis

Research points to a way to reduce cachexia, a cancer-induced muscle wasting disorder

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 24, 2022

Muscle signaling provide clues for treatment of the muscle-wasting disorder cachexia, which affects cancer patients.

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Amar Gajjar, MD., with patient Charlotte and her mother

Reflecting on nearly 40 years of progress against pediatric brain tumors

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 16, 2022

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and a good time to learn more about the diverse group of diseases that make up the most common childhood solid tumor.

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Marta Salek, M.D., at work at the Unicorn Marian Wilemski Clinic in Poland.

Polish roots led Marta Salek, M.D., to a leading role in SAFER Ukraine effort

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 2, 2022

Dr. Marta Salek of St. Jude was in Poland visiting family when Russia invaded Ukraine. She jumped in to help launch the humanitarian effort SAFER Ukraine.

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Stephen Mack, MD, PhD

Metabolic processes may yield a new therapeutic window for hard-to-treat brain tumors

Posted by Erin Podolak | Apr 22, 2022

In his laboratory at St. Jude, Stephen Mack, PhD, is researching how metabolic and epigenetic pathways might be perturbed to help treat DIPG, a lethal childhood brain tumor.

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Sima Jeha, MD, and colleagues meet around a table

Lessons from Lebanon: St. Jude Global reacts to war in Ukraine

Posted by Erin Podolak | Mar 30, 2022

Lessons learned from previous global crises inform the St. Jude Global response to childhood cancer patients displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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posterior fossa

Getting to the bottom of a medulloblastoma mystery

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 26, 2021

Posterior fossa syndrome develops in some children following surgery for the brain tumor medulloblastoma. St. Jude research offers fresh insight into the mysterious syndrome and advice on how to avoid it.

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