Erin Podolak

Erin Podolak

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Erin Podolak is a science writer in the Department of Strategic Communication, Education and Outreach.

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St. Jude On Bone Marrow Failure illustration

Tailoring treatment for bone marrow failure syndromes

Posted by Erin Podolak | Aug 15, 2023

Learn more about how the bone marrow failure team integrate science and care.

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Global TRM illustration

Addressing treatment-related mortality: Student’s research spotlights need for supportive care

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jul 31, 2023

Gathering data increases understanding of treatment-related mortality in low- and middle-income countries.

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illustration depicting degraded cancer

Targeted protein degradation to treat cancer

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 9, 2023

St. Jude scientists are degrading proteins to treat cancer.

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Anang Shelat and Christopher Tinkle

Targeting DNA damage repair gives radiation therapy a boost

Posted by Erin Podolak | May 4, 2023

Inhibiting DNA damage repair alongside radiation therapy can treat brain tumors.

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Cancer on planet illustration

Metastatic cancer cells thrive in harsh microenvironments

Posted by Erin Podolak | Mar 16, 2023

Like a journey through space, metastatic cells have to adapt to spread throughout the body.

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Data driven progress illustration

Data-driven science helps researchers design new protein interactions

Posted by Erin Podolak | Mar 9, 2023

With a comprehensive approach to thinking about data, St. Jude scientists are fueling progress.

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Lab table

Liver toxicity and ALL: Genomics drive variability between patients

Posted by Erin Podolak | Feb 16, 2023

Research reveals how inherited genetic variants can contribute to liver toxicity after chemotherapy.

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St. Jude on Genetics Molecular Groups

Genetics: The myth of the monolith: How molecular groups can improve cancer care

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jan 31, 2023

St. Jude scientists are fueling progress by studying the molecular groups of different cancers.

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Vulnerabilities graphic

St. Jude scientists on the hunt for ‘holy grail’ cancer vulnerabilities

Posted by Erin Podolak | Jan 17, 2023

Scientists at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are deploying genomic technologies to hunt for vulnerabilities in cancer.

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Scientist in lab wearing gloves and with bunsen burner on

On the road to resistance: How bacteria can win the game of life ‘with a little help from their friends’

Posted by Erin Podolak | Dec 15, 2022

St. Jude scientists have learned that bacteria are more successful at developing antibiotic resistance when they swap genes through recombination.

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