Elizabeth Casolo

Elizabeth Casolo

Scientific communication intern

Elizabeth Casolo is a scientific communication intern in the Strategic Communication, Education and Outreach Department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

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Shondra Pruett-Miller, PhD, and Jamaica Siwak at work

Shared Resources Spotlight: Center for Advanced Genome Engineering

Posted by Elizabeth Casolo | Sep 14, 2023

Research from the Center for Applied Genome Engineering plays a pivotal role in discovery.

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. L to R: Gang Wu, PhD, Wojciech Rosikiewicz, PhD, Wenjie Qi, PhD, Jason Myers, Beisi Xu, PhD.

Shared Resources Spotlight: Center for Applied Bioinformatics

Posted by Elizabeth Casolo | Aug 10, 2023

Meet the data scientists advancing research at St. Jude.

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